domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

La indescifrable y cotidiana luna

by Alister Konrad


Death Valley Dune 2088 by Cole Thompson


by Dirk Ashly Knoedler


Hamburg, Germany 1932 by Herbert List


Moonligth Night 1898 by Hugo Bucner


Moonlight 1924 by Nilokay Andreev


Sans Titre 1953-56 by Nicolas Yantchevsky



1932 by Bill Brand


1938 by Charles B. Phelps Jr.


1953 by Dorothea Lange


Untitled c.1932 by Adolf Fassbender


Bruiach Colin Cambell


by Eliot Porter


Moonlight 2010  by Fred Mershimer


Mountains  of the Middle Kingdom by Galen and Barbara Rowell


by Jason Langer


Midsummer Moon by Lewis Francis


Moonlight Night on the Dniepr, 1892 by Archip Iwanowitsch Kuindshi


Moonset by Ken Keenan National Science Foundation


Moonlight 1900 by Otto Scharf


The End of the Continent 1971 by Paul Herzoff


The Summer Sea 1903 by Rudof Eickemeyer Jr.


1946 by Andreas Feininger


Moonlight Sea 1920 by Shoda Koho



Total Eclipse 1925 by Adolf Fassbender




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