lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

En el tren

Rail Magic c.1949 by René Groebli


Bahhof Lindau, 1950 by Toni Schneiders


1930s by Gaston Jacquin


by Mario de Biasi


1942 by Rene Jacques


Maryland 1945 by A. Aubrey Bodine


by Andreas Feininger


Sirkeci 1959 by Ara Guler


New York 1930s by Berenice Abbott


Fotógrafo desconocido


by Toni Schneiders


Canon of the Rio las Animas, Colorado 1890s by  William Henry Jackson


Central de ferrocarriles en Michigan c. 1904 by Detroit Publishing Company


Estación Central, Milan 1955 by Pepi Merisio


Ferrocarril de Michigan 1904 by Detroit Publishing Co.


Gare de L Est, Paris 1950s by Willy Ronis


Grat Northem railway by David Plowden


Joliet Illinois 1901 by Detroit Publishing Company


Salem, Massachusetts 1910 by Detroit Publishing Company


San Juan Puerto Rico 1946 by Jack Delano


Syracuse, New York c.1905 by Detroit Publishing Company


The Imperial Way, India 1983 by Steve McCurry


The Train of Val, Gardena Ortisei 1958 by Gianni Berengo Gardin


Vermont 1905 by Detroit Publishing Company


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  1. -quedè sin habla.....este es el tipo de fotografìa que siempre quise hacer.....those are the kind of photographs, I always wanted to shoot, thank you very much...