miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013

Clásicos #6 Roman Vishniac (Rusia)

Isaac Street, Kazimierz, Cracow 1935-38

A street of Kazimierz, Cracow 1938

Kraków, Poland c.1935-38

Berlin 1926

Softening stale bread. Vienna, after Anschluss 1935-38

The gulley of enjoyment 1938

On the way to his first day at cheder. Mukachevo 1935-38

The stairway entrance to the court of Rabbi Meir Ben Gedaliah (1558-1616), Lublin

Two boys compare Purim gifts, Warsaw 1935 - 38

Winter 1938

Writing a letter to his mother, who is working in Lodz. Warsaw, 1937

Entrance to the Ghetto, Cracow 1937

Slonim c. 1935-38

Talmudic Scholar Kraków, Poland, circa 1935-1939

The last Hanukkah, Cracow 1938

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