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Farm Security Administration #6 Jack Delano

Street in Mahanoy city. Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. 1938-1939http://www.documentarist.com/

Rain. Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. 1938-1939http://www.documentarist.com/
.Mr. Ed. Downes, FSA director in Greene, Georgia, speaking on Food for Defense

. Women selling provisions at Tortola Wharf, St. Thomas, V. I., Dec. 1941

1941 Near White Plains, Georgia

At a meeting of Negro FSA borrowers in a church near Woodville, Greene County, Georgia, May 1941

August 1940. Old house in Upper Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania. In the background is East Mauch Chunk.

August 1940. Polish family living on High Street in Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania.http://www.shorpy.com/

August 1941. The family of Gottlieb Zahler in their new farm in Lacona, New York, to which they moved from the Pine Camp relocation area.

Barker at Vermont State Fair, Rutland. September 1941.

1941 St Thomas Virgin Islands

Children in the tenement district, Brockton, Massachusetts. December 1940

Children in the tenement district, Brockton, Massachusetts. December 1940

De octubre de 1940. Espectadores en el cañón anual rolling concurso en Presque Isle, Main

December 1940. Brockton, Massachusetts. Men and a woman reading headlines posted in window of Brockton Enterprise newspaper office on Christmas Eve.

December 1941. Street scene, Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

Digging out a cemetery to be moved from the Santee-Cooper basin, Near Bonneau, South Carolina

Enero 1941 New Bedford Massachusetts

Family of small landowner who moved out of the Santee-Cooper Basin, at their 'new home' near Bonneau, South Carolina

Funeral of nineteen year old Negro saw mill worker in Heard County, Georgia, May 1941.

House in the area being taken over by the army; The family will be moved out in a few days, Caroline County, Va. June 1941

Pennsylvania_ 1938-1939

January 1940. Long stairway in mill district of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.http://www.shorpy.com/

January 1941. Foggy night in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

January 1941. Lowell, Mass. Commuters who have just come off the train, waiting for the bus to go home.

January 1941. Street in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

July 1940. Near Shawboro, North Carolina. Group of Florida migrants on their way to Cranberry, New Jersey, to pick potatoes.

June 1940. Washington, D.C. Negro driver asleep under a truck. There are no sleeping accommodations for Negroes at this service station on U.S. 1http://www.shorpy.com/

June 1941. Greene County, Georgia. Family who has just come back from a funeral.

Junio de 1940. Washington, D.C. enel café en la estación de servicio de un camioneros en Estados Unidos

March 1941. Planting corn on a plantation near Moncks Corner, South Carolina.

March 1943. Topeka, Kansas. Wheeling an engine in the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe locomotive shops.

May 1940. Stem, North Carolina. Crossroads garage and store.

May 1940. Young Negro farm laborer. Stem, North Carolina.

May 1941. Going to town on a Saturday afternoon in Greene County, Georgia.

May 1941. Music-making in the convict camp at Greene County, Georgia.

Migrants getting truck ready to leave Belcross, N.C. for Onley, Va., July 1940

Mr. Cicero Ward, Negro FSA client. Southern, Greene County, Georgia, 1941

Mr. Colson, tobacco farmer near Suffield, Connecticut hanging tobacco up in his barn for curing, 1940

Mulatto ex-slave in her house near Greensboro, Alabama, May 1941

November 1940. Burning autumn leaves along Broadway in Norwich, Connecticut

October 1940. Near Caribou, Maine. The opening of school was delayed in sections of Aroostook County so children could help pick potatoes

Part of a Negro tenant family, on a farm near Greensboro, Alabama, May 1941

Row houses, Baltimore, June 1940http://www.shorpy.com/

September 1941. Sheldon Springs, Vermont. Feeding machine that grinds wood into pulp, one of the last stages in making paper at the Mississquoi Corporation mill.

Shenandoah street. Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. 1938-1939

The family of Mr. Leroy Dunn, chopping cotton in a rented field near White Plains, Greene County, Georgia, June 1941
Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. 1938-1939http://www.documentarist.com/
Shenandoah houses. Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. 1938-1939http://www.documentarist.com/

Wash day, Schuylkill County ´Pennsylvania 1938-1939
Ninety two years old. Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. 1938-1939http://www.documentarist.com/

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