lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

Clásicos #15 Todd Webb (USA)

6th Avenue New York 1948

Amish Farmers at a Horse Auction, 1955

At the Battery, New York, 1946

Avenue du Moine, Paris, 1950

Broadway at Wall Street, New York, 1959

Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England

Chatham Square, New York 1946

Cherryman, Paris, 1950

Children around Sprinkler, Harlem, 1946

Cobblestones, Vaison la Romaine, Provence, France, 1977

Cobblestones, Vaison la Romaine, Provence, France, 1977

Georgia O'Keeffe in Twilight Canyon, New Mexico, 1964,

Georgia O'Keeffe, Glen Canyon, 1961

Ibiza Woman Before Curtain, 1951

James Slip Mission, New York, 1946, by Todd Webb

Madrid, Spain 1951

Manhattan Bridge from Pike Street, New York, 1946

Market Day, Oaxaca, Mexico 1968

Mme Vial Si Restitut, 1971

Paris 1950

Passage to Rue de Seine, Paris 1949

Penitente Morada, Abiquiu, New Mexico, 1981

Place du forum Arles Francia 1949

Rue Alesia, Paris (Oscar billboards), 1951

Rue Chatillon, Paris 1949

Rue des Plantes, Paris

Saturday Morning at 6th and Main, Monroe, Louisiana, 1947

Shortcut to Wolcott Street, Bath, England

Sixth Avenue New York 1948

St. Luke’s Place, New York. 1959

Street Cleaning, Segovia, Spain, 1973

Street Market, Suffolk Street, New York

The Bowery Under the El, 1946.

Third Avenue, New York, 1946

Untitled (Left Bank Arch), 1948

View from Chatham, El Station 1946

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