domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

Clásicos #24 Werner Bischof (Suiza)

Bauernschenke, Hungary, 1948

Bihar, India, 1951

Perú 1950

MEXICO. A child's coffin. 1954.

Finland, 1948

FINLAND. Village of Naarva. Students of a country school during their recreation. 1948.

GERMANY. Berlin. Tiergarten 46

GERMANY. Frankfurt. 1946. A man looking at the ruined city.

HUNGARY. Budapest. 1947

HUNGARY. Hajduhadhaza. Orphanage for children rendered parentless and homeless by the war 47

India, 1951

INDIA. Bengal region. The port of Calcutta 1951

INDIA. State of Bihar. April 1951. Children in a famine stricken area, running towards trucks delivering corn

INDIA. Town of Jamshedpur 1951

INDOCHINA. Gian Coc. Women praying for their men at war. Between 1945

Japan, 1950s by Werner Bischof

JAPAN. Tokyo. Courtyard of the Meiji shrine. 1951.

Mendigo dormido ante la puerta de un templo en Madrás, Bombay, India, 1951

Perú 1950

PERU. May 1954. On the road to Cuzco, near Pisac, in the Valle Sagrado of the Urubamba river.

PERU. Village of Pisac. Market day. 1954.

Reichstag Building, Berlin, 1946

SOUTH KOREA. Town of Pusan 1952

SWITZERLAND. Zurich. View from the Uetilberg mountain. 1937.

Werner Bischof italia 1950


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